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Water Blasting in Christchurch NZ

At Revive Concrete Rejuvenation our water blasting knowledge and skills are second to none. Water Blasting may seem like a simple job, but the consequences of bad workmanship can be severe and can be a very easy way to inflict damage to any surface if the processes and job form are not done correctly.

We offer a range of Water Blasting services from Full section and House cleaning for a presale clean up, or just some general spring cleaning to get your property looking at its best - to specialized concrete wash downs including exposed aggregate, coloured concrete and all other decorative finishes. We can then follow that up with our concrete sealing services - to view these head over to our concrete sealing page. 
No water blasting job is too big or too small, we offer a wide range of water blasting services.

Hot water washing Christchurch & Christchurch

Pressure Washing Services

Over time the colour in your driveway starts to fade.  Oil and mold start to cover areas of your concrete driveway and they no longer have that pleasing look.  When we pressure wash and seal driveways we remove any dirt, oil, mold and marks. Then we can use clear coats of sealer (see our concrete sealing page) which will bring back the look and shine.  It will also protect the concrete from further sun damage, oil and leaf stains.  The result is a driveway that will keep its look for longer!

Pressure Washing

  • Pressure washing
  • Concrete patio
  • Industrial & commercial high-pressure washing
  • Concrete wash
  • Pressure washing concrete driveway
  • Power washing concrete patio
  • Power washing concrete
  • Concrete washer
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Dirt, oil, grease, mould and mildew removal
Pressure washing Christchurch & Christchurch

Hot water blasting:

  • High Pressure
  • High volume 
  • Hot water blasting
  • Mobile steam clean unit

  • Commercial mobile steam cleaning unit 
  • Removal of heavy stains, grease etc
  • Most effective option on the market
  • Grime break down
Concrete Washing Christchurch Christchurch NZ


  • Hot And Cold Wash
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Exterior House Washes
  • Driveways Footpaths
  • Decks Gutters – Spouts & Pipes
  • Pre Paint Washing
  • Concrete & Brick
  • Commercial Fishing Boats
  • Trucks
  • Driveway pressure washing
  • Concrete washing
  • Roof wash
concrete washing

Patios & Footpaths

Patios are used frequently and are a great place to unwind.  So you want it to have a nice glossy look, free from marks stains dirt and mould. That is where pressure washing and sealing can make all the difference. Often mould can form in areas that don't get much sun.  The pressure washer/water blasting easily rids your concrete of any mould, dirt and some stains.

If your concrete gets full sun it can start to fade the colour, after it has been pressure washed we put 1 to 2 coats of a solvent based sealer which brings back the colour and the shine that your concrete once had. After the final coat of sealer, your concrete will be protected against any further sun damage, oil stains and mold.

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10 year concrete experience

We also do site clean ups with our vacuum truck check out our services here >

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